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The Symposium Partners  $10,000

This can fund the development of the National Bearden Symposium Series. Recognition: Listing on donor display at Symposium events. Donor gift: "The Art of Romare Bearden" exhibtion catague by the National Gallery + all other levels.

Over $10,000 please call or write so we can handle your donation personally, thank you!



The Collagist Club $5,000

This can sponsor two Teaching Artist Programs in K-12 schools. Recognition: Print thank you in Romare Bearden Gala and Symposium materials. Donor gift: Romare Bearden "The Block" vinyl tote bag + all lower levels.


The Art Improvisers $2,500

This can fund an Artists' Professional Development Program Recognition: Personal thank you on Facebook and Twitter. Donor gift: Bearden Plays Bearden documentary DVD + all lower levels.

The Cinque Circle  $1000

This can support a Cinque Artist Program workshop. Recognition: Listing on the Bearden Foundation website. Donor gift: "Forever" Stamps commemorating Romare Bearden + all other levels.

The Harlem Artists' League $500

This can assist in the preservation of the Romare Bearden Foundation's archives, both digitally and in print Donor gift: Romare Bearden Foundation catalogue + all other levels

The Painters' Society  $100

This can aid in the completion of the Oral History Project Donor gift: Commemorative stamp lapel pin





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