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You can view Romare Bearden's art at galleries, museums, and at colleges and universities throughout the United States. What follows are just a few of the exhibitions freaturing the art of Romare Bearden.

The Art of Romare Bearden

Organized by the National Gallery of Art and curated by Ruth Fine, this exhibition is currently on a tour of major museums in the United States. The Art of Romare Bearden is the most comprehensive retrospective ever assembled of the large body of work compiled by Romare Bearden. The exhibition contains approximately 130 works that explore the complexity and scope of Bearden's evolution and features many rarely exhibited and/or never before reproduced works from private collections.

The exhibition is organized into several sections: Origins, Circa 1964, Mecklenburg Memories, The City and Its Music, Stories, Women, Monotypes, Collaborations, and Late Work. The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive 334 page catalogue (The Art of Romare Bearden) published by the National Gallery of Art in association with Harry N. Abrams, New York and a new documentary on Romare Bearden, also produced by the National Gallery of Art. The National Gallery Exhibition and National Tour is made possible with generous support from AT&T. See, the panel of museums to the right for a list of venues and schedules.

Wath the NewsHour PBS Broadcast about the exhibition.

Something All Our Own: The Grant Hill Collection of African American Art

Considered the first time that a major American athlete has exhibited nationally a personal collection of art of this scale and magnitude. The Grant Hill Collection includes 46 works of art by outstanding artisits, including sevveral pieces by Romare Bearden: Serenade (1941), Number 9 (1961), Seed Time (1969), and They That Are Delievered From the Noise of the Archers (1942), which is currently on tour with The Art of Romare Bearden exhibition.

grant hill
Grant Hill of the Orlando Magic and Washington Post art critic Blake Gopnik tour the Art of Romare Bearden exhibition at the National Gallery.
(watch a video of their tour)

Click HERE for an abbrievated list of art collections containing Romare Bearden art.



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