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Named after the Cinque Gallery, established in 1969 by Romare Bearden, Norman Lewis and Ernest Crichlow, the Cinque Artists Program (CAP) continues the gallery’s legacy in supporting artists through various stages of their careers.

Offering interactive professional development workshops geared primarily to art students and practicing artists, the program is also open to the general public and provides scholarships for talented and economically needy art students.



The Foundation seeks to nurture the creative talent and support the professional and personal development of artists through its Cinque Artists Program (CAP).  CAP provides access and resources for artists at various stages of their career through professional development workshops and related events organized.  We present four to six workshops and hands on demonstrations that support artists in their professional, artistic and personal development, and are interactive, provide information, technical assistance and resources from practicing artists, We present artists and other experts on a range of topics from using technology, web site development, branding, upgrading presentation materials, maximizing the arts resources in New York City, etc.   Attendees are encouraged to participate actively during the sessions, to network, to exchange information, knowledge and insights and are supported in their interest in maintaining connections, in partnering or collaborating beyond the workshops.  Other complementary events in the form of panel presentations and seminars are offered on occasion but not seasonally that focus on a related topic of interest.


Free and open to the public, the program is targeted to practicing artists, students, faculty, and the general, art-interested public.  




Two (2) Romare Bearden Scholarships are awarded annually to students enrolled in the HSA College Prep Program, through the Visual Arts Department at the Harlem School of the Arts (HSA). These scholarships provide the opportunity to learn technical skills necessary to compete for post-secondary study and career development.


Scholarships are administrated by HSA through the College Prep Program, Visual Arts Track. Scholarships include tuition, registration and materials fees are awarded annually to financially needy students who demonstrate a great interest and sincere passion for the visual arts. Continued support is available for up to three (3) years.


Initial criterion for consideration requires that applicants must:


  • maintain at least a B+ average in High School;
  • have a strong interest in pursuing a career in the Visual Arts;
  • demonstrate financial need*;
  • be available to commit  attend art course on Saturdays, September-May and approximately two other weekdays (after school);
  • commit to attend other HSA College Prep events and workshops.

*CLICK HERE for the necessary Financial Information Form.


Bearden scholarship recipients are also eligible to participate in artistic development programming, including fieldtrips to other local cultural organizations, and are encouraged to participate in the Foundation’s professional development workshops.


For more information on the Romare Bearden Scholarships please contact:

Visual Arts Department

Harlem School of the Arts

645 Saint Nicholas Avenue

New York, NY 10030

(212) 926-4100


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