The Musical Artists

The Romare Bearden Foundation thanks the
musical artists who provided
new interpretations of the music of
Larry Douglas, Fred Norman and Romare Bearden.

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Bert Hilby, Germany.

Bert Hilby is a musician, composer, arranger
and songwriter currently residing in Berlin,
Germany. He was born in Germany in 1944
and studied in Hambourg at the Werner L. Fritsch School of Music. He has had
songs recorded in Germany, Austria and
Argentina. His favorite hobbies are making
and hearing good music

Bert Hilby
Robert Olovsson, Sweden.
Robert Olovsson
Pino Primerano, Italy.

Pino Primerano is a psychiatrist who lives
and works in the small town of Crema in
Northern Italy. He plays nylon-string and electric guitar and he transposes his compositions to MIDI files. He says that, "I like jazz overall, so I always try to give a taste of this kind to my music."
Aaron Scott, USA.
Albuquerque, NM
Aaron Scott

Jack Sirulnikoff, Canada.
Toronto, Canada

Jack Sirulnikoff was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1931. He graduated with a music degree (composition) from McGill University in 1956. After that, he taught privately, played the clarinet and saxophone, sold stock music to the National Film Board, and wrote arrangements for a television series out of Winnipeg.

In 1958 he acquired a Teaching Fellowship
at Bennington College and eventually obtained a Master of Arts in music composition. He also taught at Smith College, wrote an opera (This Evening), taught at the Nova Scotia Teachers College, and wrote a music theory textbook, The Mechanics of Music (unpublished). In 1975, he moved back to Toronto and went into the computer field as a programmer analyst. He is now retired, but keeps busy mainly with computers and music.

Jack Sirulnikoff
Joe Toto, USA.
Ridgefield, CT

Joe Toto is a composer and arranger of instrumental music in a wide variety of
musical styles. He played drums in various
rock bands but after a while he wanted to compose and branch out into other genres.
Since it was basically impossible for him to
put a band together that would cover all of
the styles of music he is interested in, he
took up the piano and keyboard and for the past 5 years he has been writing and record-
ing his own music. He frequently collaborates with other musicians, either co-writing and performing music with them or arranging
their music. His music is available for commercial projects, web sites, etc. and is also available to other musicians who might want to perform it.
John Tracy, Canada.
Victoria, BC Canada

John Tracy is a 47-year-old foster parent
who lives in Victoria, BC along with his
wife, Ryta. He is an artist, self-taught midi composer, family historian, amateur achaeologist and all around nice guy.
John has been composing music off and
on for 35 years and plays guitar, drums, keyboards, harmonica, and the recorder.

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