With all the cars the smoke and smog
Andre was living in the middle of it all
When he walks down the street hears the cars streak
Parents yelling "Kids to come back"
All this noise is part of the city.

Once he dreamed of a country stream,
Peaceful, quiet and calm.
A clear blue sky with clouds so high,
Birds in the tree, cows grazing in the grass, what
A peaceful day with laughter so gay.
As night falls in, the bright moon comes out, the sun
Sleepily turns away.
The day is gone, so peaceful and calm,
------Now the day is done.
"Andre" his mama calls,
"Come and get your dinner"
------The dream was gone.

----------Andre promised his self to come
----------back to this dream someday soon.

-Romare Bearden

Work Train, 1966.
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