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by Romare Bearden
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African American Religion
Albert Jordy Raboteau
Martin Luther King, Jr. - Mountain Top, 1968.

Major Problems in American History: 1920-1945
Colin Gordon, Thomas G. Paterson
Untitled, 1930's.

Brilliant Colors
Lycoming College Press
Rhythm Ensemble, 1987.

Calling The Wind: Twentieth-Century African-American Short Stories
Clarence Major (Editor)
Liza in High Cotton, 1978.

Conjur Woman: Collected Stories By Charles Chesnutt
Charles W. Chesnutt
Conjur Woman, 1964.

Everyday People
Stewart O'Nan, Narrated by Giancarlo Esposito
The Block, 1971.

Every Good-Bye Ain't Gone
Njeri Itabari
Blue Interior Morning, 1968.

Fiction's Many Worlds
Charles E. May
Mother and Child, 1969.

Harper American Literature, Second Volume Edition
Donald A. McQuade (Editor), Robert Stepto, David Minter, Robert Atwan, Justin Kaplan
The Block, 1971.

I Hear A Symphony: African Americans Celebrate Love
Felix H. Liddell
At the Savoy, 1974.

Introduction To Theatre
Mayfield Publishing Company
Mill Hand's Lunch Bucket, 1978.

Jazz Men: The Story of Hot Jazz Told in the Lives of the Men Who Created It
Frederick Ramsey, Charles Edward Smith
Uptown Sunday Night Session, 1981.

Jazz, The Great American Art
Gene Seymour
At the Savoy, 1974.

Love Songs Make You Cry
Lasana Sekou
Carnival Dancer, ND.

The Magical Adventures Of Pretty Pearl
Virginia Hamilton
Under Morning Sky, 1978.

Meteor In The Madhouse
Leon Forrest, John G. Cawelti (Editor), Foreword by Marianne Forrest
The Block, 1971.

The Narrows
Beacon Press
Village Square, 1969.

Places Of Silence, Journeys Of Freedom
Eugenia C. Delamotte
The Dancer (Slate III), 1976.

Poems Of Africa
Samuel Allen, Romare Bearden (Illustrator)
Africa, 1973.

Praisong For The Widow
Paule Marshall
Byzantine Dimensions, 1971.

John A. Williams
Mother and Child, ND.

Speaking For You: The Vision Of Ralph Ellison
Kimberly W. Benston (Editor)
Farmer, ND.

The Star-Apple Kingdom
Derek Walcott
The Sea Nymph, 1977.

The Stubborn Old Lady
Emerson Hall Publications
The Block (detail), 1971.